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-Miriam was a firm believer in astrology, numerology, and the existance of ghosts. She was so serious about these things that she would consult her astrologer and numerologist before checking into certain hotel rooms or accepting roles.

-Miriam moved homes a lot, often remodeling and selling them for a profit.

-At parties for fun she would often read palms and tarot cards.

-Miriam became semi-reclusive in her later years, blacking out the light in her room and listening to old records (apparently favoring Maurice Chevalier's). Often she would sleep during the day and stay up all night, calling friends when bored, gaining her the nickname of the "Midnight Caller."

-Miriam had very few actress friends, but one close one was Kay Francis. In fact, Kay accompanied Miriam to Reno to obtain her divorce from director Anatole Litvak.

-Miriam was convinced that an apartment she rented in Los Angeles was haunted by the ghost of Ronald Colman, who once lived there.

-Miriam was quite small: she was 5'2", weighed only 102 pounds and wore size 4 shoes and gloves designed for the hands of a child.

-After Miriam' attack of appendicitis her junior year of high school, she fainted several times climbing the stairs, causing her mother to go to the school and ask permission for her to use the elevator. When it was denied, her mother's quick temper flared and they marched out vowing never to set foot in the school again. They never did.

-She once said about her life, "If I had to do it over again, I'd do everything different".

-Miriam salary was $455,000 in 1936.

-Miriam frequently made up stories about her early years on the stage. She often claimed to have sprained her ankle after she fell off the stage during the senior play at Goddard Seminary, forcing her to finish it sitting down. Another story claimed that she broke her ankle right before she was to head a ballet tour to South America.

-Miriam's beautiful blonde, curly hair was completely natural.

-Her niece was also an actress and appeared with Miriam in a stage version of "The Old Maid" in the 1950s.

-Miriam hid her first marriage so well that her son didn't learn of it until reading her obituary.

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