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"She has the most glorious hair I have ever seen, the kindest heart, the keenest wit and the talkingest hands."

-Gladys Hall

Welcome to my website dedicated to the talented, underrated, and misunderstood Miriam Hopkins.

Today, defining the words "classic movie star" would bring up such names as Bette Davis, Clark Gable, and Marlene Dietrich. But there are numerous actors and actresses that have been virtually forgotten. Some have escaped even film lover's minds, and Miriam Hopkins, I believe, is one of these.

I first began this site simply because I thought Miriam Hopkins was a superb actress. While doing research on Miss Hopkins, I found out something that surprised me greatly- there is hardly any information on the lady. While her contemporaries have full biographies, Miriam is barely mentioned in most books. Fortunately, after much more scouring of libraries and book stores, I found a few books that each contained an entire chapter devoted to her alone. Although these were a great help, it's quite a shame that this is all that can be found in books of Miriam Hopkins. Therefore, my goal in creating this site is to hopefully assist those in search of information on Miriam Hopkins. But please remember, I am still no expert on this fascinating actress. I would greatly appreciate any further information anyone can supply me on Miriam.

Thank you for stopping by!

This website was created on June 15, 2002.
Last updated July 03, 2005


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